Our Farm Produce

We’re proud of our animals and the produce that comes from the farm.

We’ve forged relationships with the two suppliers below but will look in the future to sell meat directly to our guests and the wider public. We’re always very happy to sell raw fleece privately, please see below.

Belted Galloway Beef

As of late January 2016 our beef will be available to buy from Town End Farm Shop – our local farm shop just two and a half miles away in Airton. Owner Chris Wildman is an established third generation butcher and much publicised Yorkshire Dales food fan. We prefer to keep things as local to the farm as possible and selling our beef through Chris makes total sense.

Our Belted Galloways are reared in a traditional way and as they’re naturally hardy, live outside on the hills all year round. Their welfare is extremely important to us; they eat only grass and live a natural life grazing on herb rich upland pasture. They have acres of hill land to roam and keep their calves for roughly a year when natural weaning takes place. In turn they assist with the conservation of natural habitats and are increasing biodiversity in the uplands. They eat no grain; our extensive grazing system allows us to finish them on grass and as such, we’re approved suppliers of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association and strictly adhere to their set certification of standards. The nature of native breeds dictates that our bullocks are matured slowly and finish at between 26 – 40 months.

Click here to find out more about the certification standards set by the PFLA.


We sell the bulk of our raw Bluefaced Leicester fleece to Laura Rosenzweig of Lauras’s Loom, based in Sebergh. Laura’s enthusiasm for local Bluefaced Leiceter wool led her to create beautiful scarves, blankets and socks inspired by the stunning Yorkshire Dales Landscape.

We’re proud that our wool is used to make products with Dales provenance and which support traditional craft skills. We have a small stock of Laura’s products for sale during your stay or you can visit

Private Fleece Sales

Every summer we have fleece to sell privately to hand spinners, weavers and dyers.

Prices vary according to breed and weight of fleece, please click on breeds below for more information.